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Welcome to Excess Void, Don't touch that dial! You have not crossed over into the twilight zone, nor the Outer Limits! Thanks to Heather, X-cess has a new mask, so please lurk about and enjoy!! (This site originally imploded on 3/5/00-revised April 26, 2007 (revision #3).

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August 11, 2010

GREAT Googly Moogly! It's now August (last here in April), It's yucky summer and all I can do is wait IMpaitently for Fall.

Not going to go into details at the moment but it's update time. I was lucky enough to go on vacation to the great land of NEW ENGLAND in July. I took loads of pictures but I have found it easier to just deal with them on facebook. SO that is where they are going, for now. I will eventually add them here along with the New Zealand, Disney and anything in between pix later.

Old news (still) Oh, I have a piece of my artwork on display in a donut shop in CA!!! It's called Psycho Donuts! What more fitting name for a place that would house one of my creations. You can reach their site by the following link: www.psycho-donuts.com.

I created this piece just for them. If you have never been there (like me) you will wonder why I made this...well they do have a padded cell in the shop, for starters. Take a look for yourself on their website and please check out the menu.

Old stuff...if you want to look at my crap......They can be viewed by clicking on the Sauvage Raven creations banner below OR at my eBay shop at http://stores.ebay.com/SauvagE-RaveN-creations OR at my Etsy shop at http://SauvageRavenCreation.etsy.com OR at www.sauvageraven.com!! THANKS DAS (my KS)!!! XXOOxoXO
Please stop by and peruse. You might find that there is something you just can't live without.

As always thank you for gracing my doorstep...please come back often..and leave me little notes...I love mail!!

forever yours..


Listening to: Silent Hill..I'm so bored with music right now.

Last movie seen at theatre: Toy Story 3

Last movie Netflixed: it was so riveting I forgot???

Waiting for: All those pix to get resized and on my site by themselves.

Contemplating: the perfect lines... (so my artistic creation will be appreciated by others beside me or friend or family) OR that they will connect and weave a hauntingly, mystical tale that no one can put down (and be appreciated by others beside me or friend or family).

Dreaming of: For all the people in my life to be happy and healthy

Appreciating: GOD and people in my life that have to put up with me on a daily basis. Thank you and I am so sorry.

as always, dreaming under the sweet blanket of darkness.........

"Wowie, wow, wow..." to quote one of my favorite actors, Christopher Walken. AND OF COURSE.. "I need more cowbell!!!"

"The number one actor in the world as far as I am concerned is Johnny Depp. He's not afraid of a challenge, he's not afraid of anything." to quote the great Christopher Lee!! The man obviously knows whom can act!!! Those Christopher's-what great guys!!!

Favoite quotes: "In a mad world only the mad are sane." Akira Kurosawa
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." Edgar A. Poe
"It can't rain all the time." Eric Draven-The Crow


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